“I Studied Myself All Summer.” Bringing Fashion Home in Covid-19 Times: Alice Pagani as Fashion Icon


Pubblicato in: Cinergie, vol. 21, 2022, pp. 103-21.

From the transnational success of Baby (Andrea De Sica, 2008-2012), popular media have described Alice Pagani, co-star of the television series, as the symbol of a new generation of Italian actresses. In just a few years, her charismatic image has been associated with major luxury brands such as Giorgio Armani. This essay analyzes the Instagram profile of celebrity, influencer and fashion icon Alice Pagani, in order to highlight how she managed to stage her latest incarnation as an "unfiltered" beauty, in the renewed pandemic framework. The essay will analyze the impact that the health emergency linked to Covid19 has had on the metamorphosis of its public image and authentication practices, from a gender point of view. In particular, the essay will closely examine her active participation in a new photographic genre that emerged from the pandemic, which was then widely copied: the home fashion editorial via FaceTime.

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