Media Mutations 14 Investigating Medical Drama TV Series: Approaches and Perspectives (May 18-19, 2023)


Media Mutations



Hour: 14.00 - 18.00

Duration:  4h

Location: DAMSLab (P.tta P.P. Pasolini 5b - Bologna)

Booking: optional


18-19 MAGGIO 2023

Organizzato da: Stefania Antonioni e Marta Rocchi

In collaborazione con “Narrative Ecosystem Analysis and Development framework (NEAD framework). A systemic approach to contemporary serial product. The medical drama case” (PRIN 2020)

The fourteenth edition of the Media Mutations International Conference focuses on medical drama TV series and on different methodological approaches employed to analyze this type of audiovisual serial product. The wide diffusion and the success of this genre over different decades has attracted the attention not only of critics and researchers in the field of media studies, but also of providers of medical devices and more generally of medical professionals. The increase in the global production of medical drama in recent years has led researchers to investigate various facets and uses of this genre: its narrative model, the role of the audience in its reception, the pedagogical use of these stories with medical students, the representation of healthcare delivered to the public, the textual analysis connected to the medical terminology. Drawing on these multi-disciplinary perspectives, the conference aims to promote discussion and share research results on medical drama TV series focusing on the different methods and approaches employed for their analysis.

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